Appendix 1

Traffic infractions recorded bny the Spanish Dirección General de Tráfico

*Not coded in the database during 1990–1992; †not coded in the database during 1993–1999.
01Distracted or inattentive*344337.03
11Incorrect use of vehicle lights/failure to use low beams for oncoming vehicles†1690.03
21Driving in the wrong lane or in the wrong direction101692.08
22Partially invading opposite lane*200784.10
23Incorrect turn135602.77
24Illegal passing121202.47
31Violating the minimum safety distance between vehicles255135.21
32Unjustified braking2870.06
41Failure to grant right of way152963.12
42Disobeying a traffic light157683.22
43Disobeying a stop sign269185.49
44Disobeying a yield sign153413.13
45Invading a pedestrian crossing500.01
46Disobeying any other traffic sign or a police instruction9370.19
51Failure to correctly signal intention4620.09
52Entering traffic flow carelessly31090.63
53Stopping in an illegal or dangerous place2200.04
71Opening vehicle door into traffic1730.04
81Other infraction310416.33
91No infraction26384153.84