Table 3

Adjusted odds ratio for the effect of nationality on responsibility, stratified by period of occurrence of the collision

Non-holidays (October–May) (number of drivers = 204251)Holidays (June–September) (number of drivers = 109651)
CountryaOR*95% CIaOR*95% CI
*aOR: Adjusted odds ratios. Variables entered in the model: age, sex, administrative infraction, speeding infraction, psychophysical circumstances, years in possession of driving licence, professional or non-professional driver, physical disabilities, safety belt use, years since the vehicle involved was registered for driving on public roads; †reference category.
France1.311.12 to 1.541.251.09 to 1.44
Germany1.451.23 to 1.711.241.04 to 1.49
Morocco1.751.47 to 2.091.541.26 to 1.88
Portugal1.170.99 to 1.381.110.92 to 1.34
Great Britain2.031.67 to 2.472.341.87 to 2.94
Italy1.300.93 to 1.831.090.81 to 1.47
Netherlands1.240.87 to 1.761.731.20 to 2.48
Belgium1.030.69 to 1.531.140.78 to 1.67
Switzerland1.631.13 to 2.361.731.17 to 2.57
USA1.540.86 to 2.741.400.78 to 2.49
Other countries1.311.13 to 1.521.651.39 to 1.96