Table 1

Smoking status and tobacco expenditure of households by SES

SES indicator% In sample (n=6892)% Smoking householdp for χ2 *Tobacco expenditure† (n=2291)p for F‡
Source: 1998–1999 Household Expenditure Survey, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). *p Value for the relation between SES indicator and smoking status. †Average weekly tobacco expenditure ($) for smoking households. ‡Tobacco expenditure had a positively skewed distribution. To test for the significance of its relation with SES indicators, it was first transformed to a natural logarithmic scale. The reported significant of F statistic pertains to the regression of the logarithm of tobacco expenditure on SES indicator.
Household income0.547<0.001
    First quintile20.0332.9926.09
    Second quintile19.9531.6229.89
    Third quintile20.0033.5736.27
    Fourth quintile20.0034.9934.59
    Fifth quintile19.9932.8234.46
    No qualification45.9236.3233.72
    Blue collar22.1843.9636.85
    White collar14.0638.4032.80
    Not applicable34.5228.9228.65
    One or more unemployed person9.0651.7031.85
    No one unemployed90.9431.3532.39
Housing tenure<0.0010.230
Index of relative socioeconomic disadvantage<0.0010.884
    First quintile (high disadvantage)19.7539.5033.43
    Second quintile20.4234.9632.14
    Third quintile19.5834.5131.98
    Fourth quintile19.8530.9931.22
    Fifth quintile (low disadvantage)18.0224.4532.49