Table 4

Socioeconomic concentration indices

All health carePreventive health care
Socioeconomic concentration of needs
General practice−0.074***−0.083 to −0.064−0.030***−0.038 to −0.023
Speciality practice−0.043***−0.052 to −0.035−0.009−0.005 to 0.004
Socioeconomic concentration of use
General practice−0.088***−0.106 to −0.0690.004−0.012 to 0.020
Speciality practice0.041*0.009 to 0.0740.100***0.083 to 0.118
*Significant at α=0.05; **at α=0.01; ***at α=0.001.
Cn is the concentration index of needs (or expected use); Cu is the concentration index for use; Hiwvp is the inequity index.
Socioeconomic inequity
General practice−0.014−0.030 to 0.0020.034***0.020 to 0.048
Speciality practice0.085***0.054 to 0.1160.109***0.092 to 0.126