Table 1

Prevention use, health care use, and health status

VariableMeanStandard error
*Among women only.
Prevention use
Flu vaccination (%)190.005
Cholesterol screening (%)380.006
Pap smear (%)*520.008
Mammography (%)*300.008
Health care use
Number of GP contacts0.780.013
Number of specialist contacts0.340.009
Health status
SF-36 physical score85.770.287
GHQ-12 score1.360.035
Subjective health (very bad to fair)0.260.005
Pulmonary chronic disorder (%)90.003
Heart disease (%)50.003
Hypertension (%)150.004
Diabetes (%)40.002
Kidney disease (%)10.001
Number of diseases/chronic disorders1.280.019
Worker of the health sector (%)30.002
Current smoker (%)240.005