Table 1

MAREPS population survey, sample description

Belgium (Flanders) Finland1-150(Pirkanmaa) Germany Eastern part (Saxony) Germany
Western part (Northrhine-Westfalia)
Netherlands whole country Spain1-151(Catalonia) Switzerland (German speaking part) Total
Gross sample117411002865140310717608489221
Net sample80565916769638725457286248
Realised sample3894001-150 9134893663804063343
Response rate in % 48.3 60.7 54.5 50.8 41.9 69.7 55.8 53.5
Income (gross yearly in 1000 ECU)
  • 1-150 In Finland, the net sample was determined excluding persons either (1) not listed in the telephone book or (2) not identifiable via last name and address.

  • 1-151 In Spain, the survey was conducted by face to face instead of telephone interviews.