Table 1

Details of the surveys included in the analysis and characteristics of the cities concerned

CityCity size*PeriodMethod‡AgeNat§N†ResponseSel. response¶QualityRemarks
*Number of residents of the city in 1995 (in thousands), and number of populated neighbourhoods in the same year in the analyses. †Total number of respondents in survey; in the next tables, numbers only concern people age 16 and over on whom data were available regarding the relevant outcomes and background characteristics. ‡Method of data collection and maximum number of calls per person. “Door” = face to face at home, “tel” = by telephone, “mail” = by mailed questionnaire. In Utrecht all potential respondents first received a mailed questionnaire and a reminder. Next, in case of non-response, they were phoned or visited by an interviewer. In the Hague all people of whom a phone number was available were called by phone, up to a maximum of three calls; all other people received a mailed questionnaire, without reminder. §Nationalities that were included in the sampling frame; “Dutch” = only Dutch nationals. ¶Presence of selective (non)response regarding various characteristics; “ms” = marital status, ethn = ethnic background. a Stratified sample (by age (16–34, 35–64 and 65+ years) and borough (17 boroughs). b Self reported health concerns self-rated health, see appendix. c Self reported health concerns the SF-36 question regarding general health, see appendix. d Self reported health concerns a mark for the own health status, see appendix; no information on smoking.
e Self reported health partially concerns the SF-36 question regarding general health and partially self rated health, see Appendix.
Amsterdam722871992’93door316+all512161.4%none123 ab
Rotterdam598701995’95mail316–74Dutch177960.3%gender, age, ms2 c
The Hague443361999’99tel/mail3/116+alle176050.7%ethnicity1 d
Utrecht236841995’00mail/tel31+all422165.0%gender, age, ethn2 e
Eindhoven197931998’99mail315–75all861371.0%gender, age, ethn2 b
Tilburg171621999’99mail216–70Dutch89340.1%unknown1 b
Groningen164521998’98mail220+all190660.0%gender, age2 b