Table 2

A description of the schools classified into three noise exposure bands low, moderate and high aircraft noise exposed schools in terms of school borough, type of school, % eligible for a free school meal, % statemented as having a special need, % English as a second language

Characteristic Total=123Low n=58Moderate n=47High n=18
Low noise exposure=<57 dBA Leq (16 hr); Moderate noise exposure=57>63 dBA Leq (16 hr); high noise exposure=63>72 dBA Leq (16 hr).
    Hillingdon83 (n=48)4 (n=2)6 (n=1)
    Hounslow0 (n=0)62 (n=29)89 (n=16)
    Windsor and Maidenhead17 (n=10)34 (n=16)6 (n=1)
Type of school
    Government60 (n=35)70 (n=33)83 (n=15)
    Church28 (n=16)30 (n=14)17 (n=3)
    Grant maintained12 (n=7)0 (n=0)0 (n=0)
Eligible for a free school meal in 1997142328
Statmented as having a special need in 19971.91.51.4
English as a second language in 1997121535