Table 2

Examples of determinants of determinants

Determinant of determinantsDeterminants of healthHealth status
Policy Resultant change in behaviour, circumstances, susceptibility Health / disease outcome
Traffic calming measures↓ Number and severity of collisions↓ Injuries
↑ Price of cigarettes↓ Tobacco consumption↓ Premature deaths
↑ Availability of fruit and vegetables and↑ Consumption of fruit and vegetables↓ CHD and certain cancers
↓ Price of fruit and vegetables
Use of tamoxifen to treat breast cancer↓ Case fatality rates↑ Survival
↑ Car dependency, eg, out of town shopping centres↑ Air pollution↑ Respiratory symptoms
{↓ Walking and cycling↑ CHD
↑ Inequalities of access↑ Inequalities in health, eg “food deserts”