Table 5

Investigations and procedures received by patients during the follow up period*

Men (n=382)Women (n=337)p Value
*Interventions for which the patient had reported a date from 1995 onwards. Bold type indicates p=≤0.05.
Exercise test162(81.8)n=198134(79.8)n=1680.6
PTCA 51(25.6)n=199 50(30.5)n=1640.30
CABG 76 (39.6) n=192 42 (25.6) n=164 0.005
Pacemaker 3(1.5)n=196 2(1.3)n=1560.85
Transplant 1(0.5)n=194 0n=1580.37
Mean number of times readmitted 2.20n=182 2.05n=1580.32
Waiting list
    Exercise test 15(6.9)n=218 9(4.7)n=1900.35
    Angiogram 7(3.2)n=219 5(2.7)n=1830.79
    PTCA 5(2.8)n=218 3(1.6)n=1840.45
    CABG 5(2.3)n=216 5(2.7)n=1850.80
    Pacemaker 0n=216 2(1.1)n=1840.13
    Transplant 0n=215 1(0.5)n=1840.28