Table 1

List of diseases and symptoms

Respiratory disorders Osteoarticular disorders
Recurrent respiratory infections (colds, sinusitis)Arthrosis
Chronic bronchitisChronic arthritis
AsthmaOther osteoarticular disorder (specify)
Other respiratory allergy
Endocrine and metabolic disorders
Cardiovascular disorders Hyperthyroidism, goitre, hypothyroidism
Angina pectoris1-150 Gout and complications1-150
Myocardial infarction1-150 Cholesterol, triglycerides
Other cardiac diseaseAnaemia
Cerebral vascular accident (CVA)
Arteritis of the lower limbs Ocular disorders
Varicose veins or ulcers of the legCataract
HaemorrhoidsDetachment of the retina
Venous circulatory disorders
Nervous and psychiatric disorders
Digestive disorders Sleep disorders
Stomach or duodenal ulcerFrequent depressive symptoms
Hiatus herniaMigraine, headaches
Inguinal herniaEpilepsy
Acute pancreatitis1-150 Other nervous and psychiatric disorders (specify)
Gall stones
Digestive polyp Skin disorders
Other digestive problem (specify)Eczema or other skin allergy
Urogenital disorders Psoriasis
Renal colic and kidney stonesOthers skin diseases (specify)
Frequent and repeated urinary tract infections
Prostate disorders1-150 Cancer
Breast disorders1-151 Specify the site
Uterine, ovarian, or tubal disease1-151
Genital herpes Other diseases
  • 1-150 Studied among men only.

  • 1-151 Studied among women only.