Table 6

Odds of adolescents being in the best or the worst health profile category as predicted by social status—results of two logistic regression analyses† (n=3015)

Health groupings‡Social class comparisonOdds ratio95% confidence intervals for odds ratio
†Logistic regression analysis controlled for age, gender, and rurality; ‡excellent/good health is defined as having one of the two healthiest profiles; poor health is defined as having poor health scores on 3 or 4 domains. *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001 for Wald statistic.
1 Excellent/good health v all other profilesHighest v middle1.27**1.06 to 1.52
Middle v lowest1.36**1.09 to 1.68
Highest v lowest1.72***1.41 to 2.11
2 Poor health v all other profilesLowest v middle1.43**1.10 to 1.86
Middle v highest1.30*1.01 to 1.67
Lowest v highest1.86***1.44 to 2.39