Table 3

Criteria for defining profile types

AExcellent healthExcellent health on 3 or 4 domains, with no domains of poor health
BGood healthAt least average health on all domains, with excellent health on no more than 2 domains
CDissatisfiedPoor health only on satisfaction
DDiscomfortPoor health only on discomfort
ELow resiliencePoor health only on resilience
FHigh risksPoor health only on risks
GDissatisfied/high discomfortPoor health on satisfaction and discomfort
HDissatisfied/low resiliencePoor health on satisfaction and resilience
IDissatisfied/high risksPoor health on satisfaction and risks
JDiscomfort/low resiliencePoor health on discomfort and resilience
KDiscomfort/high risksPoor health on discomfort and risks
LLow resilience/high risksPoor health on resilience and risks
MWorst healthPoor health on 3 or 4 domains