Table 2

CHIP-AE domain and subdomain descriptions

Satisfaction: Perceived level of health and wellbeing (12 items)
1Satisfaction with health:overall perceptions of and beliefs about one's health
2Self esteem:general self concept
Discomfort: Specific physical and emotional sensations/feelings that interfere with comfort (45 items)
1Physical discomfort:positive and negative somatic feelings and symptoms
2Emotional discomfort:positive and negative emotional feelings and symptoms
3Limitations of activity:restrictions in age appropriate activities and limitations in mobility
Resilience: States and behaviours potentially associated with positive future health (32 items)
1Family involvement:level of activities with family and perceived family support
2Social problem solving:active approaches to solving an interpersonal problem
3Physical activity:level of involvement in activities related to fitness
4Home safety and health:aspects of home that reduce/increase likelihood of harm
Risks: States and behaviours that increase the likelihood of subsequent illness or injury (38 items)
1Individual risks:activities that threaten individual health and development
2Threats to achievement:behaviours that typically disrupt social development
3Peer influences:involvement with peers who engage in risky behaviours
Achievement: Expectations for role performance in school and/or work (11 items)
1Academic performance:school performance and involvement
2Work performance:work involvement and performance
Disorders: Diagnostic conditions, injuries, and impairments (45 items)
1Acute minor disorders:eg, colds, tonsillitis, sprains, etc
2Acute major disorders:eg, pneumonia, broken bones, hepatitis, etc
3Recurrent disorders:eg, ear infections, asthma, allergies, etc
4Long term medical disorders:eg, arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, etc
5Long term surgical disorders:eg, scoliosis, vision problems, hearing problems
6Psychosocial disorders:eg, speech problem, eating problem, learning disability