Table 1

Descriptive statistics of the variables in the models

Type of variableDefinitionNumber of observations (%)
Dependent variableDo you smoke?
    No smoke1590 (85.8)
    Yes, less than once a week92 (5.0)
    Yes, on weekends55 (3.0)
    Yes, smokes daily116 (6.3)
Individual explanatory covariatesSex:
    Male996 (52.3)
    Female907 (47.7)
Interest in school
    Very little329 (17.3)
    Little693 (36.5)
    Quite657 (34.6)
    High222 (11.7)
Alcohol consumption
    Never1263 (66.6)
    Occasionally or on weekends607 (32.0)
    Some times during the week or every day27 (1.4)
Number of smokers living at home
Discrete variableMean 1.25; SD 1.20
Best friend smokes?
    Yes442 (23.5)
    No1439 (76.5)
School characteristics (“context” variables)Antismoking rules in the schools (number of schools)PublicPrivateSubsidised
% of academic failure in the school (Grades 1 and 2 of the ESO)PublicPrivateSubsidised