Table 4

Results from articles studying the association between cardiovascular hospital admissions and air pollution

Author/s (year of publication)SiteOutcomePollutantIncrease (%) in admissions4-150
Schwartz J and Morris R6 Detroit, USAIschaemic heart diseasePM100.6
Schwartz J10 Tucson, USAAll cardiovascularPM101.8
Burnett Ret al 11 TorontoHeart diseaseSulphates2.1
Schwartz J13 eight counties USAAll cardiovascularPM101.0
Poloniecki JDet al 16 London, UKAll cardiovascularBS1.6
SO2 0.5
NO2 0.4
Wordley Jet al 17 Birmingham, UKAll cardiovascularPM102.1
Morgan G et al 19 Sydney, AustraliaHeart diseasePM100.8
NO2 2.0
Wong Tet al 20 Hong Kong, ChinaAll cardiovascularPM100.6
SO2 1.6
NO2 1.3
O3 1.3
  • 4-150 Results expressed as the increase (%) in admissions for an increase in the pollutant levels of 10 μg/m3 (1 mg/m3 for CO). The results shown here are the significant results from single pollutant models.