Table 1

Summary of the daily figures for the number of hospital admissions for cardiovascular and digestive causes, the concentrations of air pollutants, the meteorological variables and the flu incidence. Valencia, Spain (1994–1996)

Whole periodSemesters
MeanMinimumP50Maximumnhottest Meancoldest Mean
Cardiovascular diseases7.007.02010806.67.4
Heart diseases3.904.01310803.74.2
Cerebrovascular diseases1.501710801.51.6
Digestive diseases5.6151510765.75.5
Mean temperature (°C)18.76.618.433.8108022.914.4
Relative humidity (%)
Black smoke 24 h (μg/m3)
SO2 24 h (μg/m3)25.64.425.068.4107321.629.8
NO2 24 h (μg/m3)66.811.964.7155.1107266.866.9
NO2 1 h (μg/m3)116.131.1113.2469.01072116.3116.0
O3 8 h (μg/m3)45.910.245.0125.0107154.237.2
CO 1 h (mg/m3)
Cases of influenza167.53.0120.0660.0108068.6270.9
  • n: number of days with valid observations.