Table 6

Characteristics of site visits to screening mammography programmes in 18 countries, 1998

Site visit covers6-1 Site visit frequency Who conducts Who receives results
National programmes
AustraliaE,T,R,C,A,IVariesGovernment, privateScreening programme, mammography facilities
FinlandEAnnualGovernmentNational Health Authority
IcelandEAnnualGovernment, privateMammography facilities
IsraelEAnnualGovernmentNational Health Authority, screening programme, mammography facilities
LuxembourgE,T6-2 VariesScreening programme, otherNational Health Authority, screening programme, mammography facilities
NetherlandsE,T,R,C,A,I6-2 BiennialOtherNational Health Authority, screening programme
United KingdomE,T,R,C,A,IEvery 1–3 yearsScreening programme6-3 Local, regional, National Health Authorities; screening programme; mammography facilities
State, provincial, local programmes
BelgiumE,T6-2,C6-2,A6-2,I6-2 BiannualScreening programmeScreening programme
France6-152 E,T,R,C,A,IBiannual to annualPrivateNational Health Authority, screening programme
Italy6-152 E6-2 BiannualScreening programmeScreening programme
NorwayEAnnualGovernment, screening programmeScreening programme, mammography facilities
PortugalE,T,C,A,IBiannualScreening programmeRegional and National Health Authorities, screening programme
SpainE,T,R,C,A,IBiennialGovernmentRegional Health Authority, screening programme
Germany6-151 E,T,R,C,A,IAnnualScreening programmeScreening programme, mammography facilities
GreeceE,T,R,C,A,IBiennialPrivate, screening programme, otherNational Health Authority, screening programme, mammography facilities
HungaryE,R,IAnnualScreening programmeNational Health Authority, screening programme, mammography facilities
UruguayE,T,C,A6-2,I6-2 BiennialPrivateScreening programme, mammography facilities
Registry programme
United States6-4 E,T,C,A,IAnnualGovernment, privateRegional and National Health Authorities, mammography facilities
  • 6-1 Site visit covers: E = equipment, T = training, R = recruitment, C = communication of results, A = follow up of abnormal results, I = information systems.

  • 6-2 Voluntary.

  • 6-3 In the United Kingdom, site visits are conducted by the regional quality assurance team, which is a component of the screening programme.

  • 6-4 In the United States, annual site visits are required of all mammography facilities under the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

  • 6-151 Denotes programme in implementation.

  • 6-152 Denotes countries with a decentralised (subnational) organisation of screening mammography, but in which the totality of organised screening programmes attains national coverage.