Table 5

External controls for quality assurance of screening mammography programmes represented in the International Breast Cancer Screening Network, 1998

Required by lawScope of law (year enacted)Type of screening law applies toMammography facilities
Have site visitsAre accredited or use guidelines5-4Which guidelines
National programmes
AustraliaNo5-1 YesMandatory accred
FinlandYesNational (1957)AllYesGuidelinesCountry specific
IcelandNoYesMandatory accred
IsraelNoYesMandatory accred
LuxembourgNoYes5-2 Mandatory accred
NetherlandsYesNational (1997)OrganisedYesMandatory accred
United KingdomNoYesGuidelinesCountry specific
State, provincial, local programmes
BelgiumNo5-1 Yes5-2 GuidelinesEuropean
Canada5-152 NoNoVoluntary accred
DenmarkNo5-1 NoGuidelinesEuropean
France5-152 YesNational (1999)AllYes5-3 GuidelinesCountry specific
Italy5-152 NoYesGuidelinesEuropean
NorwayNoYesGuidelinesCountry specific
PortugalNoYes5-2 GuidelinesEuropean
SpainYesNational (1996)AllYes5-2 GuidelinesEuropean
Sweden5-152 YesNational (1990)OrganisedNoMandatory accred
Germany5-151 No5-1 Yes5-2 Voluntary accred
GreeceNoYes5-2 GuidelinesEuropean
HungaryYesState (1997)OrganisedYesGuidelinesEuropean
UruguayNoYesVoluntary accred
Registry programme
United StatesYesNational (1992)AllYes5-5 Mandatory accred5-5
  • 5-1 But programme funding is predicated on establishing and maintaining a quality assurance function.

  • 5-2 By EUREF.

  • 5-3 EUREF site visits for two programmes. Site visits by other organisations for the remainder.

  • 5-4 Are accredited or use guidelines: accred = accreditation.

  • 5-5 Site visits and accreditation are required of all mammography facilities in the US under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

  • 5-151 Denotes programme in implementation.

  • 5-152 Denotes countries with a decentralised (subnational) organisation of screening mammography, but in which the totality of organised screening programmes attains national coverage.