Table 2

Quality assurance for screening mammography programmes represented in the International Breast Cancer Screening Network: Structural Components, 1998

Quality assurance committeeEquipmentPolicies and procedures2-1Personnel requirements2-2
LicensureTrainingMinimum number of examinationsContinuing education
National programmes
AustraliaYes (Biannual)YesP,C,D,IR,T,M,SR,T,M,SR,TR,T
IsraelYes (Biannual)YesP,D,I
LuxembourgYes (Monthly)YesP,C,D,IT,MTT
NetherlandsYes (4–6 times/year)YesP,C,D,IR,TR,TRR,T
United KingdomYes (Biannual)YesP,C,D,ITT,MR,TR,T
State, provincial, local programmes
Canada2-152 Yes (Varies)YesP,C,DTR,TR,TR,T
DenmarkYes (6 times/year)YesP,C,DR,T,MR,TR,T
France2-152 Yes (Quarterly)YesP,DRR,T,MR
Italy2-152 Yes (Annual)YesP,C,D,IR,T,S
NorwayYes (Biannual)YesP,C,D,ISR,T,SR
PortugalYes (Weekly)YesP,CR,PR,TR,T
SpainYes (Weekly)YesP,C,D,ISR,T,M,SR,TR,T
Sweden2-152 Yes (Biannual)YesP,C,D,IR,TR
Germany2-151 Yes (Biannual)YesP,C,D,IR,T,MR,T,M,SR,TR,T
GreeceYes (Quarterly)YesP,C,DR,T,M,SR,T,M,SR,TR,T
HungaryYes (Quarterly)YesP,C,DR,T,M,SR
UruguayYes (Monthly)YesP,C,DR,TR,TR,TR,T
Registry programme
United StatesYes2-3(Varies)Yes2-4 P2-4 R2-4,T,MR2-4,T,MR2-4,TR2-4,T
  • 2-1 Policies and procedures: P = breast positioning, C = communication with women about the screening process, D = minimisation of discomfort, I = breast implants.

  • 2-2 Personnel requirements: R = radiologist, T = technologist, M = medical physicist, S = surgeon.

  • 2-3 Required for quality control components under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) of all mammography facilities in the US. In addition, a National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee has been established.

  • 2-4 Required of all mammography facilities in the US under the Mammography Quality Standards Act.

  • 2-151 Denotes programme in implementation.

  • 2-152 Denotes countries with a decentralised (subnational) organisation of screening mammography, but in which the totality of organised screening programmes attains national coverage.