Table 2

Studies about the effects of PCBs on neurodevelopment in children included in this review

Location Type of study Year of start Study period Population Measurement of PCBs exposure Mean PCBs concentration (biological sample) Min–max PCBs concentration (biological sample) Other detected organochlorine compounds Effect studied
Japan4 Prospective19687 yearsChildren born to poisoned women in Japan in 1968Location6.0 ppb (exposed children's blood40)?Mental, motor, behavioural
Taiwan5-12 Matched pair cohort study2-150 1985–876 yearsChildren born to poisoned women in Taiwan in 1979 and their controlsQuestionnaire on location and diet0.99 ppb (exposed children's blood)2-152 0–77.8 ppb (exposed children's blood)Polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs)Mental, motor, behavioural
North Carolina, USA13-16 Prospective1978–825 yearsGeneral communityPCB2-151 and DDE in biological samples1.5–2 ppm (colostrum)0–>4 ppm (colostrum)Dichlorodiphenyl dichloroethene (p,p'DDE)Neonatal, mental, motor
Michigan, USA17-23 Prospective1980–8111 yearsChildren born to Lake's Michigan fish eater womenPCB2-151 in biological samples/questionnaire on diet2.5 ng/ml (cord blood)2-159 0–12.3 ng/ml (cord blood)Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), DDTNeonatal, mental, behavioural
Rotterdam-Groningen, the Netherlands24-29 Prospective1990–924 yearsGeneral communityPCB118,138,153,180and PCDDs in biological samples0.38 ng/ml (cord blood)2-152 0.18–0.86 ng/ml (cord blood)2-153 PCDFs, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs)Neonatal, mental, motor
2.04 ng/ml (maternal plasma)2-152
Oswego, USA30 31 Prospective1991–944 years
(in course87)
Children born to Lake's Ontario fish eater women69 PCB congeners in biological samples/ Questionnaire on diet0.52 ng/g wet (cord blood)2-152 Not reportedHexachlorobenzene, dieldrin, lindane, chlordane, PCDDs, mirexNeonatal
Düsseldorf, Germany32 ProspectiveNot reported7 monthsGeneral community (middle and upper class families)PCB138,153,180 in biological samples0.55 ng/ml (cord blood)Not reportedMental, motor
  • 2-150 Cross sectional in reference 5.

  • 2-151 Congeners of PCB not reported.

  • 2-152 Median.

  • 2-159 Detection limit: 3 ng/ml.

  • 2-153 p5–p95. — Not applicable. ? Not known.