Table 1

Standardised neurodevelopmental tests mentioned in the publications reviewed

Test Age Assessment Reference
Neonatal tests
Brazelton neonatal scales (BNBAS)<3 daysReflexes, responsiveness, state regulation 67
Newborn neurological exam (Prechtl)10–21 daysAge-appropriated neurodevelopment 24
Children tests
Fagan test of visual recognition memory (FTVRM)3–12 monthsNovelty preference; short-term memory; “infant intelligence” 80
Bayley scales of infant development (MDI)<2.5 yearsAge-appropriate cognitive ability 57
Stanford-Binet (SB)2.5–6 yearsGeneral intelligence 66
Kaufman assessment battery for children (KABC)2.5–12.5 yearsAge-appropriate cognitive ability 66
McCarthy scales of children's abilities (MCSCA)>3 yearsAge-appropriate cognitive ability 66
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children (WISC)>6 yearsGeneral intelligence 66
Reynell developmental scales (RDS)Age-appropriate development of language 28
Chinese Child Developmental Inventory (CCDI)1-150 6m–6yGeneral developmental status1-151 12
The Neurological exam for toddler age (Hempel)ToddlersAge-appropriate motor ability 27
Bayley scales of infant development (PDI)<2.5 yearsAge-appropriate motor ability 57
Rutter's child behaviour scale (RCBS-A)0–12 yearsChild behavioural problems, hyperactivity 66
Werry-Weiss-Peters activity scale (WWPAS)3–11 yearsChildren's activity level 66
  • 1-150 Adopted and modified in 1978 from Minnesota Child Developmental Inventory.

  • 1-151 CCDI has seven subscales: two for motor development and five for mental development.