Table 1

Age, anthropometry, and blood pressure in stunted and non-stunted children

Stunted (n=112)Non-stunted (n=189)1-150
Age (y)11.690.3411.890.32
Height (cm)141.36.1153.46.2
Height for age (z score)−1.010.830.520.81
Weight (kg)32.825.7743.078.85
Body mass index16.352.0318.243.22
Arm circumference (cm)
Body fat (%)1-151 15.26.919.08.3
Birth weight (kg)1-152 2.900.483.330.52
Systolic bp (mm Hg)100.48.7106.48.5
Diastolic bp (mm Hg)1-153 54.113.359.711.3
Adjusted systolic bp (mm Hg)1-154 104.29.7104.19.2
Adjusted diastolic bp (mm Hg)1-153 1-154 57.715.057.514.0
  • 1-150 Non-stunted significantly greater than stunted, all p<0.001, except adjusted systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

  • 1-151 Non-stunted (n=187).

  • 1-152 Non-stunted (n=181).

  • 1-153 n=104 for stunted group, no measurable diastolic pressure in eight children.

  • 1-154 Adjusted for age, weight, and height.