Table 5

Table of mean scores (SD) of the eight SF-36 subscales in the study respondents compared with National Health Survey

SF-36 subscaleStudy respondents (n=1784): mean (SD)NHS (n=15938)29 mean (SD)Effect size (SD units)*p Value†
*Effect size = difference in means divided by the NHS standard deviation. †From one sample t test using the NHS mean as the test value.
Physical functioning87.3 (19.3)87.4 (19.7)0.010.827
Role limitations—physical80.9 (32.9)84.5 (31.9)0.11<0.001
Bodily pain77.7 (24.5)79.1 (23.6)0.060.016
General health perceptions74.0 (20.0)73.8 (19.2)0.010.673
Vitality/energy64.6 (19.7)65.6 (19.0)0.050.032
Social functioning83.1 (22.7)86.0 (21.3)0.14<0.001
Role limitations—emotional82.2 (30.9)84.6 (31.0)0.080.001
Mental health77.0 (16.9)75.7 (16.7)0.080.001