Table 3

Comparison of study respondents with 1996 Australian population census data and with the 1995 National Health Survey sample

Variable% Study (n=1784)% Census (18–59 years)p Value* (census)% NHS data (18–59 years)p Value* (NHS)
*From χ2 goodness of fit test. †The “defacto” category was not an option in the census, therefore a statistical comparison cannot be made on this variable. ‡Postcodes of 1.5% of respondents did not have a SEIFA score. §ARIA not available from NHS, as postcode was not provided.
Marital status
    Never married26.032.425.3<0.001
Country of birth:
Age first left school
    Never went0.30.60.2
    18 or more20.821.70.00219.7<0.001
Currently studying
    Full time6.56.25.2
    Part time11.75.9<0.0017.8<0.001
Employment status
    Currently employed81.468.8<0.00175.6<0.001
Quintiles of socioeconomic disadvantage (SEIFA)‡
    First (lowest)
    Fifth (highest)17.720.0<0.00123.6<0.001
Geographical remoteness (ARIA)
    Highly accessible80.980.8§
    Moderately accessible4.74.3
    Remote/very remote2.12.90.146