Table 8

Inclusion/exclusion criteria for the housing/neighbourhoods and mental health search

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
An abstract was included if it met the following criteria:
 1 The paper concerned housing or neighbourhoods (where people are “at home” or close to home);
 2 There was an explicit link with a psychological outcome (including depression, anxiety, quality of life, satisfaction. etc).
 3 The paper was relevant to any of the following geographically defined continents:
 North America;
 All languages should be included initially.
 In addition, papers were also included where they:
 4 examined the difference between rural and urban locations.An abstract was not included where the focus of the study was:
 5 about refugees or religious/ethnic differences unless specific information about the type of neighbourhood or housing was provided.
 6 about schizophrenia or suicide.