Table 5

Inclusion/exclusion criteria for the housing and injuries search

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
An abstract was included if it met the following criteria:
 1 The paper concerned housing (where people eat and sleep – that is, are at `home');
 2 There was an explicit link with a health outcome (for example, injury). Fires and explosions are considered to be outcomes, although there must be a measured frequency of these events which is related to risk factors.
 3 The paper was relevant to any of the following geographically defined continents:
 North America;
 All languages should be included initially.
 4 The paper referred to the building structure or fixtures and fittings, including modifications to the built environment such as stair gates.
 In addition, papers were also included where they:
 5 examined socioeconomic issues where related to housing and health (such as crowding, poverty).
 6 measured risk or were screening tests specifically related to hazards in the home, and were linked to a health outcome.An abstract was not included where the focus of the study was:
 7 treatment following accident/injury even if this has occurred at home;
 8 prevention where relevant to home but unrelated to building structure (e.g. hip protectors for the elderly, residents' own property such as medicine bottles, toys);
 9 pets, house dust mite and resultant allergies, poisoning by lead, mercury, carbon monoxide, radiation from radon, plus ionising radiation. etc.;
 10 things brought into the home (for example, household chemicals like bleach) and furnishings such as rugs or sofas, which are not usually a design feature;
 11 gun safety/guns for protection and related issues concerning, even if talking about secure gun cupboards;
 12 any result which requires extrapolation of the health outcome. The health outcome must be measured.