Table 1

Distribution of injured population by demographic characteristics, circumstances of injury and associated impairments and disabilities in men and women, Grapes of Wrath, Lebanon, 1996

Men (n=176)Women (n=106)Total (n=282)
Age (mean (SD))27.5 (15.3)31.3 (21.6)28.9 (18.0)
Marital status
Economic activity (% working)10861.454.711340.1
Date of injury
On the 18 of April5833.05249.111039.0
 On other days11867.05450.917261.0
Place of injury
 Open shelter (UN base)5330.15047.210336.5
 Underground shelter137.454.7186.4
Impairments (any)8749.44239.612945.7
 Permanent (% among impaired)3843.72354.86147.3
Disability (any)7341.54239.611540.8
 Personal independence (any)3519.93634.07125.2
  Using toilet2413.62220.84616.3
 Motor disabilities (any)7140.33634.010737.9
Social roles
Inability to resume schooling1-150 722.6937.51629.1
 Inability to resume work 4440.7360.04741.6
  • 1-150 Among those who were enrolled in schools (n=55). Among those who were economically active before the injury (n=113).