Table 2

Prevalence of violence/abuse and symptom score (CSGP index) as means and standard error

Variables Number Prevalence
Symptom score (CSGP)
Mean (SEM)
Childhood experience of violence or abuse:
None26366.23.6 ‚ÄČ(1.09)
Yes12832.25.3 (0.47)
Data missing61.5
Type of experience:
Occasionally beaten by adult10927.55.0 (40.4)
Sexual advances by adult133.35.2 (1.36)
Regularly beaten by adult61.511.8 (3.34)
Adult experience of violence or abuse:
None32682.13.7 (0.26)
Yes6215.66.2 (0.69)
Data missing92.3
Type of experience:
Sexual advances in the workplace184.74.5 (0.96)
Assault and battery328.26.9 (1.09)
Sexual abuse123.17.2 (1.36)