Table 3

Summary of air sampling work during demolition of the British Leather Factory, Tranmere. In the analyst's opinion most fibres counted on 6 December, were consistent with organic fibres (no comment was made about fibres seen on 30 November)

Sample ref Date of sampling Type of sample Location of sampler Time of sampling Fibres counted Results fibres/ml Flow rate 1/min Graticule areas counted/filter
134730 Nov 94StaticEast end of work areas on wall1h 57min5.0<0.012300
134830 Nov 94StaticSouth end of work area on wall beneath fire damaged roof1h 25min6.5<0.012300
134930 Nov 94StaticWest end of work area on wall1h 23min6.5<0.012300
135030 Nov 94StaticNorth end of work area on wallI h 20min4.0<0.012300
135130 Nov 94PersonalInside cab of excavator1h 01min4.5<0.041200
135606 Dec 94PersonalInside excavator cab0h 47min1.0<0.121100
136206 Dec 94PersonalInside excavator cab4h5.0<0.021100
136106 Dec 94PersonalOn person by stairwell4h 30min3.0<0.021100
135706 Dec 94StaticEast end of work area on wall2h6.0<0.012200
135806 Dec 94StaticSouth end of work area on wall where contaminated sheets were stored2h3.5<0.012200
135906 Dec 94StaticWest end of work area on wall1h 14min2.5<0.012200
136006 Dec 94StaticNorth end of work area on wall adjacent to New Chester Road2h 15min3.0<0.012200
  • For samples 1356, 1361 and 1362, work involved cutting and moving metal debris and loading it on to two wagons for subsequent disposal, with disturbance of asbestos contaminated debris. For samples 1357–1360 the contractors disturbed contaminated debris and the air in the vicinity of the sample. For samples 1347–51, the air was being actively disturbed by the contractors.