Table 2

Details of the results of the six positive or probably positive samples out of 22 samples taken by Parkman Environment after the fire at the Tranmere Tannery site

Sample number Asbestos type Description of sSample % Asbestos Risk
1ChrysotileAsbestos cement wall sheeting15Low
9ChrysotileAsbestos cement pipe13Low
10ChrysotileAsbestos cement sheeting13NS
15ChrysotileWoven tape from fuse100Very low
22-150 Amosite likePink paint flake16Low
32-150 Amosite likeGreen flake15Low
  • (Source: Parkman Environment 1994).

  • 2-150 In samples 2 and 3 probably non-asbestos fibres were identified, but further analysis would have been required for confirmation. NS = not stated.