Table 1

Neglect of health inequalities and their social and historical determinants in the Epidemiological Profile. Tables included in the text of the Epidemiological Profile

1Rates of population growth (1990–2025)
2Total fertility rate by area of residence (1978–1993)
3Population by health regions and sex (1992)
4Causes of death (1992–1993): six leading causes
5Child mortality rates (1990): El Salvador and Latin America
6Distribution of the first five primary causes of death per age of the child (1993)
7Mortality rates by age and gender (1975–1989)
  • Source: Jaime Ayalde. Epidemiological Profile—Final Report. ANSAL Series. San Salvador: US AID; May 1994. This list of tables does not include those that appear in the annex of the report.