Table 3

Logistic regression analysis of the effect of average annual weight change over 10 years and baseline characteristics on risk of subsequent diabetes in a cohort of overweight adults, First National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Epidemiologic Follow up Study, 1971–1992

VariableModel IModel II
βOdds ratio95% confidence intervalsβOdds ratio95% confidence intervals
Annual weight change (per kg/y)0.3801.461.26, 1.690.3991.491.29, 1.73
Age (per 10y)0.0331.231.09, 1.380.0281.161.03, 1.31
Age2 3-150 −0.001−0.001
BMI (per kg/m2)0.1171.131.09, 1.160.1141.121.08, 1.16
Skinfold Ratio (per 0.2 unit)0.4231.121.03, 1.15
Systolic blood pressure (per 5mm Hg)0.0081.041.01, 1.08
  • 3-150 The significant non-linear association between age and diabetes risk requires calculation of the odds ratio for a specified change in age. The odds ratio in this table represents the change from age 40 to age 50.