Table 2

Description of the population as a function of hospital size groupings and the profile of patients with a first diagnosis of heart failure in 1992–1995 attending the 90 Swedish acute care hospitals. Values are percentages if not otherwise indicated

Hospital size2-150 median (min–max)Number of hospitalsMean age30 day mortalityPrevious diseases
Infectious diseasesCancerSenile dementiaCardiovascular diseasesPrevious injuries and intoxicationsOther diseases2-151
908 (106–1191)M76.413.
1705 (1208–2067)M76.613.
2481 (2098–3981)M76.311.
5580 (3984–7309)M76.
  • 2-150 Number of patients of all ages with primary or secondary hospitalisation for heart failure from 1992–1995.

  • 2-151 Previous endocrinal, nutritional, and metabolic diseases, or immunity disorders. W: women, M: men.