Table 4

Alcohol consumption, physical activity at work, hypertension, diabetes and occupational hazards according to level of total exposure to ETS, by gender. Never smokers of any tobacco product. Northern California Kaiser Permanente, 1979–85

Total exposure to ETS (hours/week)
1–9 (n=5742)10–39 (n=3239)⩾40 (n=2189)Numberp Value4-150
Alcohol at least 3 drinks/day29.824.315.530.41810.001
Sedentary job26.440.119.913.66 6370.001
Hypertension36.230.619.214.02 5330.001
Exposure to occupational hazard(s)
 None31.733.919.415.02 1760.08
 Cleaning fluids, solvents28.136.721.513.64 1400.001
 Insect or plant sprays29.232.822.515.57110.03
 Plastics or resin fumes25.734.021.818.49280.001
 Asbestos, cement or grain dust28.832.723.015.51 9000.001
 Silica (sandblasting, grinding)28.931.922.316.81 5490.001
 Radiographs or radioactivity24.342.020.613.09210.001
 Ultraviolet radiation26.941.318.613.13120.001
 Lead on metal fumes29.332.618.719.39650.001
 Very loud noise27.727.024.820.45630.001
 Radar or microwave21.935.021.821.28620.001
 One or more unknown33.035.019.312.712 7670.001
 All unknown37.929.418.314.41 6480.001
0 1–9 10–39 ⩾40
(n=9391) (n=7445) (n=4848) (n=4513) Number p Value4-150
Alcohol at least 3 drinks/day37.814.820.327.0740.001
Sedentary job28.328.720.722.211 7420.001
Hypertension44.723.715.516.04 0690.001
Exposure to occupational hazard(s)
 None36.727.318.917.04 9780.19
 Cleaning fluids, solvents28.732.720.618.02 638
 Insect or plant sprays26.531.123.518.94080.001
 Plastics or resin fumes25.331.322.321.14310.001
 Asbestos, cement or grain dust26.728.321.923.07690.001
 Silica (sandblasting, grinding)24.929.321.923.84610.001
 Radiographs or radioactivity26.036.921.815.21 0720.001
 Ultraviolet radiation21.637.520.120.82640.07
 Lead on metal fumes28.927.920.322.72900.02
 Very loud noise28.223.523.524.84510.001
 Radar or microwave23.228.522.325.91 0450.001
 One or more unknown36.128.618.117.019 9560.01
 All unknown43.124.815.117.02 6280.001
  • Table entries are row percentages;

  • 4-150 by χ2analysis.