Table 5

Multivariable logistic regression model to predict unsatisfactory self rated health status among residents of West and East Berlin shortly after German reunification5-150

Risk factorOverallWest BerlinEast Berlin
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
 Female1.160.94, 1.431.651.23, 2.21
Age (y)
 40–602.751.98, 3.832.322.12, 2.55
 >604.593.31, 6.365.695.17, 6.26
Stressful life events
 n=1–21.541.25, 1.88
 n=⩾32.181.68, 2.83
Social support
 Partner and friends1
 Partner or friends1.471.22, 1.76
 No partner, no friends2.331.75, 3.11
 More than grade 1011
 Grade 101.471.07, 2.010.710.59, 0.86
 Less than grade 101.541.15,, 1.29
Health promoting lifestyle
 3–4 positive practices11
 1–2 positive practices2.231.65,, 2.22
 0 positive practices2.882.00, 4.132.531.22, 5.24
Health endangering behaviour
 0 negative habits1
 1–2 negative habits1.020.84, 1.23
 3 negative habits0.820.45, 1.48
  • 5-150 Odds ratios were obtained in a single logistic regression model including the following main effects and interaction terms: region, sex, age, stressful life events, social support, education, health promoting lifestyle, health endangering behaviour, region5-150 sex, region5-150 age, region5-150 education, region5-150 health promoting lifestyle. Only significant interaction terms (likelihood ratio test statistic: p⩽0.1) were included to the model.