Table 2

Chemicals and chemical groups associated with incidents in Wales, 1993–19952-150

Chemicals Number
Chemical, rubber, plastic, tyre and oil fires28
Miscellaneous organics, including isocyanates17
Harmful and toxic gases (NH3, Cl2, Br2, H2S, CS2, HCN, CO)17
Flammable gases (methane, butane, propane, natural gas)15
Solvents, solvent-based products, resins14
General fires14
Detergents, cleaning agents and damp proofing agents13
Particulates and fume13
Blue-green algae10
Sulphuric acid9
Phosphorus / phosphoric acid9
Other petroleum hydrocarbons, including diesel and paraffin7
Metals (Na, Hg, Cd, Cu, Pb, Fe)7
Hydrochloric acid7
Alkali (potassium and sodium hydroxide)7
Freon refrigerant6
Other acids (sodium hypochlorite, chromic and nitric acids)6
Red algae5
Metal contaminated soils5
Miscellaneous (munitions, landfill leachate, surface coating products)5
Miscellaneous inorganics5
Brown algae (phaeocystis)4
Landfill gases4
Radioactive substances3
  • 2-150 Only those appearing in the database three or more times are listed.