Table 5

Age standardised mortality rates (MR) per 100 000 person years and age adjusted mortality rate ratios (RR) with 95% confidence intervals among men and women aged 16 years and above, with and without limiting longstanding illness and with poor and good self rated health at the time of interview

MR among respondent stating poor health MR among respondents stating good health MR risk difference Mortality RR among respondents stating poor versus good health (95% CI)
 with limiting longstanding illness2721130514162.4 (2.2, 2.5)
 without limiting longstanding illness15637018632.2 (1.8, 2.6)
 with limiting longstanding illness16007848162.4 (2.2, 2.5)
 without limiting longstanding illness8484104382.3 (1.8, 2.8)