Table 4

Age standardised mortality rates (MR) per 100 000 person years among men and women aged 16 years and above, by socioeconomic group and self rated health at the time of interview. Absolute risk differences between respondents stating poor versus good health

Socioeconomic group Overall mortality rate/100 000 MR among respondents stating poor health MR among respondents stating good health MR risk difference poor/good health
 Higher non-manual82721546291525
 Intermediate non-manual82023826791703
 Lower non-manual87821326561476
 Qualified manual99019927571235
 Unqualified manual107722767911485
 Higher non-manual50614234061017
 Intermediate non-manual4501288343944
 Lower non-manual5191369380989
 Qualified manual6161375447928
 Unskilled manual6201279444835