Table 1

Characteristics and sampling methods of the participating EURALIM study populations

Population that study
sample is representative of
Year(s) of survey Urban and/or rural Sexes and age (y) sampled Sampling method Response rate by sex
France1995–1996urban and ruralF, M: 35–65random selection of a representative sample out of a   large volunteer population (intervention study)F: 86%; M: 81%
the Netherlands1990–1992mainly urbanF, M: 20–59by gender, 5 year age strataF: 62%; M: 57%
Naples (Italy)1993–1996urbanF: 30–69volunteer sample (95%) & random selection (5%)Not applicable
Province of Latina (Italy)1993–1996ruralF, M: 20–84random selection, stratified by sex, ageF: 72%; M: 67%
Geneva (Switzerland)1993–1996urbanF, M: 29–83random selection by gender, 10 year age strataF: 65%; M: 65%
Belfast (United Kingdom)1991–1992urbanF, M: 25–65by gender, 10 year age strataF: 47%; M: 49%
Catalonia (Spain)1992mainly urbanF, M: 25–75multistage sample, stratified by regionF: 72%; M: 66%