Table 2

Mortality from partly avoidable causes that occurred among 759 665 men aged 30–64 during the five year follow up period (1992–1996), Korea

ICD 8 code ICD 9 code ICD 10 code Causes of death Number of deaths Type of intervention
070070B15-B19Viral hepatitis20Prevention
153-154153-154C18-C20Malignant neoplasm of large intestine, rectum and rectosigmoid junction273Treatment
204204C91Lymphatic leukaemia9Treatment, controversial
250250E10-E14Diabetes mellitus405Treatment
345345G40Epilepsy, generalised convulsive10Treatment
400-404401-405I10-I15Hypertensive disease229Treatment
410, 411, 413410, 411, 413I20, I21, I24Hypertensive disease with vascular complications of heart547Prevention
430-438430-438I60-I69Hypertensive disease with vascular complications of brain1247Prevention
531-533531-533K25-K27Ulcer of stomach or duodenum with or without haemorrhage or perforation25Treatment
746-747746-747Q20-Q28Congenital anomalies of heart and great vessels4Treatment