Table 1

Risk factors according to height quintiles (age adjusted means or proportions)

MenHeight quintileTrend1-150
⩽163 cm164–167 cm168–170 cm171–174 cm⩾175 cm
Mean age at screening (y) 55.254.754.253.853.1p=0.0001
Mean diastolic BP (mm Hg)85.885.586.485.586.9p=0.019
Mean cholesterol (mmol/l)5.875.855.875.855.87p=0.60
Mean body mass index (kg/m2)25.925.926.025.825.8p=0.29
Mean FEV1(l)2.182.372.492.632.82p=0.0001
Mean adjusted FEV1(%)88.388.288.289.488.9p=0.10
% never smoked17.517.116.516.416.4p=0.35
% current cigarette smokers61.458.254.255.954.5p=0.0003
% ex smokers19.522.227.025.727.6p=0.0001
% deprivation category 5–768.262.659.653.149.7p=0.0001
% social class IV and V37.731.228.625.622.4p=0.0001
% angina (definite and possible)21.618.917.515.215.3p=0.0001
% bronchitis7.
% ECG ischaemia12.410.510.19.310.2p=0.036
Height quintile
Women ⩽152 cm 153–155 cm 156–158 cm 159–162 cm ⩾163 cm Trend1-150
Mean age at screening (y) 55.954.954.553.953.0p=0.0001
Mean diastolic BP (mm Hg)85.485.684.884.985.2p=0.53
Mean cholesterol (mmol/l)6.496.456.426.426.35p=0.001
Mean body mass index (kg/m2)26.526.225.825.825.0p=0.0001
Mean FEV1(l)1.551.661.781.842.00p=0.0001
Mean adjusted FEV1(%)90.390.993.692.894.4p=0.0001
% never smoked45.846.646.244.945.3p=0.11
% current cigarette smokers48.547.745.647.245.0p=0.29
% ex smokers5.
% deprivation category 5–766.960.658.556.750.9p=0.0001
% social class IV and V48.342.339.835.029.2p=0.0001
% angina (definite and possible)20.917.017.215.913.9p=0.0001
% bronchitis6.
% ECG ischaemia10.811.
  • 1-150 Using height as a continuous variable. Not age adjusted.