Table 5

Distribution of independent variables by sex among respondents over 18 years in Taganrog, 1998

Variable Men Women Total
Higher/inc. higher29.0526.3327.42
Specialised secondary26.8632.3330.14
Common secondary19.9218.7819.24
Including secondary/vocational10.674.727.10
Less than compulsory13.5017.8416.10
χ2=34.95 p<0.001
Social networks
Membership of organisation (%)44.2235.8539.20
 χ2=13.71 p<0.001
Daily contact with neighbours (%)50.7759.6156.07
 χ2=14.79 p<0.001
Family relations
 Good, friendly58.2357.2057.61
 Normal, peaceful28.0223.5825.36
 Strained, nervous7.587.207.36
 Quarrels, conflicts2.312.662.52
 Household of one person3.869.357.15
 χ2=23.70 p<0.001
Financial circumstances
Economic difficulties during childhood (%)40.0041.0040.57
 χ2=0.17 p>0.05
Economic hardship the past 12 months (%)
 1–2 times23.2621.2722.07
 3–12 times34.5835.8535.34
 More than 12 times13.8815.3514.76
 χ2=1.83 p>0.05
Worsening of material circumstances over the past 10 years (%)81.2383.1982.41
 χ2=1.23 p>0.05
Life control
Life control (mean)5.725.425.54
t=2.92 p<0.01