Table 3

Effect of measured (true) body mass index on the difference between measured and self reported height, weight and body mass index after allowing for age, smoking status, occupational social class, education level, housing tenure, myocardial infarct status, diabetes status, cotinine and physical activity ratio

Slope (SEM)p value% explained§Slope (SEM)p value% explained§
Height3-150 −0.043  (0.026)0.094.2%  (3.7%)−0.034  (0.017)0.055.1%  (4.5%)
Weight3-150 0.199 (0.037)<0.00016.3% (1.7%)0.103 (0.021)<0.00016.6% (2.8%)
Body mass index 0.065 (0.015)<0.00015.6% (2.6%)0.033 (0.010)0.0016.7% (5.0%)
  • 3-150 Measured minus self report. Value computed from measured height and weight less value computed from self reported height and weight. p value for body mass index, given all the other variables.§ r 2 with body mass index included in the model, compared with that without (in parentheses).