Table 1

Characteristics of respondents

Characteristic Number Per cent
Social class
Longstanding illness (all types)370142
Used casualty department (last 3 months)4795
Used outpatients department (last 3 months)141016
Hospital inpatient (last year)99811
Visited GP's surgery (last year)
 2–3 times320036
 4–5 times114813
 6 or more times120914
Damp housing (serious problem)1091
Damp housing (nuisance)8129
Cold housing (most of the time/quite often)6868
Crowded home (very crowded/slightly crowded)136115
Desire to move away (very strong/prefer to)131015
Speeding traffic (serious problem)140116
Poor public transport (serious problem)114013
Burglaries (serious problem)95811
All other environmental factors (serious problem)⩽7
Worry about money (a lot/all the time)228426
Worry about pressure at work (a lot/all the time)190122
Worry about job security (a lot/all the time)83710
SF-36 dimension Mean score SD
energy and vitality5820
general health perception7120
mental health7218
physical functioning8820
role limitation mental8621
role limitation physical8722
social functioning8323