Table 1

Has it happened over the previous 12 months that you have gone to work despite feeling that you really should have taken sick leave due to your state of health? Percentage distribution of answers: No, never, Yes, once, Yes, 2–5 times and Yes, more than 5 times

Variable No, never Yes, once Yes, 2–5 times Yes, more than 5 times p Value1-150
 Women (n=2086)4913308
 Men (n=1715)5213296p<0.001
Age (y)
 16–25 (n=936)6512203
 26–35 (n=1035)4317355
 36–45 (n=755)4613338
 46–55 (n=758)51112810
 56–65 (n=317)609229p<0.001
Children at home
 Yes (n=1609)4613338
 No (n=2192)5413267p<0.001
 Compulsory school (n=813)56102410
 High school ⩽2 years (n=1234)4614337
 High school >2 years (n=719)5415265
 Post high school ⩽3 years (n=603)4614337
 Post high school >3 years (n=400)5212288p<0.001
Part time/full time
 Full time (n=2467)5014297
 Part time (n=1332)5210299p<0.001
Trade union affiliation
 Not affiliated (n=858)6113215
 LO (n=1637)4913308
 TCO (n=943)4813327
 SACO (n=304)5017267p<0.001
Form of employment
 Permanent in preferred occupation and desired workplace (n=1171)5313286
 Other permanent (n=655)42143410
 Substitutes, without permanent position (n=679)5515237
 In probationary employment (n=136)5811265
 Seasonal workers (n=111)658198
 Employed on projects, etc (n=343)5512276
 To meet emergency requirements (n=341)5810266p<0.001
 State (n=215)5212306
 Municipality (n=1047)44123311
 County council (n=248)4511386
 Private (n=2291)5413276p<0.001
  • 1-150 p Value by Pearson χ2 test (weighted).