Table 3

Number of visits to a doctor in the past 14 days and number of days off work in the past six months by passive smoking exposure (p value from ANCOVA)

Passive smoking exposure at work
Nil⩽ median> medianp value
Mean number of consultations in the past 14 days (SE)M0.32 (0.03)0.35 (0.03)0.45 (0.02)<0.001
F0.45 (0.09)0.51 (0.07)0.62 (0.05)0.205
Mean time off work because of illness in the past 6 months in days (SE)M0.11 (0.02)0.14 (0.02)0.21 (0.01)<0.001
F0.24 (0.08)0.34 (0.07)0.39 (0.05)0.285
  • Covariates are age, marital status, level of education, rank, type of police officer, amount of alcohol consumed and passive smoking at home.