Table 5

Interaction between level of and change in psychosocial work environment in employees with low and high SES

Combination of psychosocial predictorsSESTest for interaction§
Level in 1990 Change between 1990 and 1993 Low income High income
Absence rate4-150 Rate ratio Absence rate4-150 Rate ratio
Participation in decision making Job demands (psychological) p=0.031
Skill discretion Job demands (physical) p=0.007
Job demands Job control (total) p=0.029
Job demands Skill discretion p<0.001
Job demands Participation in decision making p=0.004
  • 4-150 Absence rate per 100 person years adjusted for poor health habits (high alcohol consumption, smoking and sedentary lifestyle) and biological risk factors (high body mass index). Cut off points for level refer to ±1 SD. Cut off points for change refer to ±0.5 SD. §Interaction between level of a job characteristic, change in a job characteristic and SES.