Table 1

Percentage of participants according to degree of change in self reported characteristics of the psychosocial work environment

NumberChange in perceived work characteristics between 1990 and 1993 (% participants)
Major decrease (>0.5 SD)Minor decrease (0.1–0.5 SD)No changeMinor increase (0.1–0.5 SD)Major increase (>0.5 SD)
Job control (total)52820.326.15.324.423.9
Skill discretion52822.319.923.116.718.0
Decision authority52524.019.413.417.325.7
Participation in decision making52632.915.014.111.826.2
Social support (coworker)52132.212.312.720.322.5
Social support (supervisor)52226.
Job demands (psychological)52927.211.913.515.531.9
Job demands (physical)52916.315.827.618.721.6