Table 2

Incidence rates after intervention for slips, trips and falls by group

Group 1 (n=63) Group 2 (n=69) Group 3 (n=60) Group 4 (n=57)
Slips:Incidence rate (events)6.77/100 pm2.55/100 pm3.62/100 pm2.91/100 pm
Incidence rate (persons)2.86/100 pm1.57/100 pm1.58/100 pm1.62/100 pm
Trips:Incidence rate (events)23.36/100 pm12.73/100 pm11.43/100 pm8.89/100 pm
Incidence rate (persons)3.81/100 pm2.94/100 pm2.49/100 pm2.91/100 pm
Falls:Incidence rate (events)7.05/100 pm6.37/100 pm6.56/100 pm6.30/100 pm
Incidence rate (persons)4.00/100 pm3.43/100 pm3.62/100 pm3.88/100 pm
  • pm = person months of observation.